Blue Angel Escorts-Pilot Car Service, LLC is your best choice when it comes to the safety of your load, your truck and trailer and the safety of the general public. Our goal is to make sure we get you from place of origin to destination safely, quickly and at a fair and reasonable rate. We do it better than anyone and it doesn’t matter if it is a short distance or a long distance move from coast to coast. 

We are certified in all 49 states (sorry we can’t drive to Hawaii) but we are fully insured. We carry $1,000,000 Commercial Auto Liability, General Commercial Insurance and General Liability Insurance. We offer a host of services that will take care of your loads no matter their width, height, length or weight. We are also insured to go into Canada. 

Our primary mission is to provide you with professional and certified escorts who are fully trained and experienced to escort your load in a timely manner and to aid in the transportation movement of legal over dimensional loads across this great county of ours. Your load will be safe when you chose Blue Angel Escorts-Pilot Car Service, LLC to escort your valuable loads. 

We are based in Pensacola in the Florida panhandle. Our company escorts are certified in all 48 states, most are either Washington state or Utah certified. They are also Florida and New York state certified as well. We are very familiar with the Law and Regulations for each of the states. 

Our escort vehicles are all newer vehicles that are equipped with some of the best equipment including 48” light bars, professional truck CB radios, all of the safety and navigation equipment necessary to get from Point A to Point B. We run 2 high poles on all of our vehicles and have all proper and required signage and flags. All vehicles are equipment with GPS systems with front or forward facing cameras and exterior rear facing cameras to record all traffic movements in the event of any unwanted events, providing valuable evidence of any incidence. 









We are always interested in offering the opportunity of working with Blue Angel Pilot-Car Services, LLC to quality individuals who are properly certified as a Pilot Car Escort Operator (PEVO). It doesn't matter if you are experienced with many years as a PEVO or just received your certification, you are welcome to apply. If you are new, we offer one of the best places to learn how to properly become an excellent PEVO with our hands on training program. 


We can either offer you to drive one of our newer modeled vehicles that are fully equipped for 49 states or you can use yours if it meets our standards for equipment, looks and safety. 


We are fully insured with Commercial Automobile Insurance, Commercial General Liability Insurance and Professional Liability Insurance. If you drive one of our vehicles, insurance is provided.  If you drive your own vehicle and have your own that is great or you can lease to us and be covered with our insurance.


We offer one of the fairest and highest compensation plans in the industry today. We know you will be happy.


Give us a call or email us at 850-529-9922 or at mgmt@baepcs.com.










For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 850-529-9922 or fill out the following form


To apply for a job with Blue Angels Escorts, please send an email to: Allen@baepcs.com

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